On the Road

With a somewhat itinerant existence, making art thrives on ALWAYS carrying some art supplies and acquiring the rest as the need arises. Everywhere I stay becomes a place to work. On The Road has been one such portable “studio,” in which I examine my journeying and destinations, what I like to think of as “Getting from Here to There.”   These images are selected from the complete series of 68 page spreads.  They are all some combination of mixed-media collage, paint, oil crayon, and ink. Single frames are 11″ X 8.5″.  Double page spreads are 17″ X 11″.

Wall and Rocking Horse (2008)

wall and rocking horse

Back Home Again (2008)

two rocking men

Train and Rocking Horse Man (2008)

train and rocking horse man

I say Goodbye (2009)

I say goodby


Alphabet Dressage (2011)



Multiplication House (2010)

full spread multipl house

House Hand and Tree (2010)

hand magic

Swimming with Music (2010)

swimming with music

Town of Half Moon (2010)

town of half moon

Flying a Kite on an Elephant (2011)

flying a kite on an elephant

Lunar Determination for Gender Wars (2010)

male and female

Map of Some Other  Place  (2009)

12map-of-some -other-place

Mixed-media on paper, 11.5″ X 8.5″

Bosom Lady Goddess Protects the Middle East (2011)

bosom lady goddess

Map All Over (2011)

map all over

Three Sounds (2012)

three sounds

Brain Scan (2012)

brain scan

The Cow Jumped Over the Honeymoon (2013)

cow jumped over the honeymoon

Hunting and Gathering (2013)

hunting and gathering

Moon as seen from Earth (2010)

moon as seen from earth

Spinning Top (2010)

spinning top

Long ago and Far Away (2011)

far away and long ago