Abundance of Time

This book is  made out of an etching whose design includes instructions for cutting and folding the print into an eight page book.   The books are a signed and numbered limited-edition (8) 8” X 6.25”  printed with black ink and hand painted with gouache.  This work was produced in 1996, during a two week granted artist’s residency in Artist’s House, Chelushkinchaya, Russia, cooperatively sponsored by the Joint Distribution Committee, of Israel and the Russian Ministry of Culture. The title, instructions and colophon are etched in both English and Russian.

Abundance of Time

01abundance of time print ws

 Intaglio print on watercolor paper, 28″ X30″

Abundance of Time/ Book

02title page AofT


03page2-3 AofT


04page 4-5 AofT


06page6-7 AofT


05back page AofT