Selected Essays for Exhibition Catalogs and Other Publications

“Difficulty Praying,” Illustrated essay about my work, pgs. 10-11, Sh’ma A Journal of Jewish Ideas, April 2014
“Healing and Creativity in a Jewish Context,” chapter in the anthology  Judaism and Health: A Handbook of Practical, Professional and Scholarly Resources, (Levin/Prince,) Fall 2013, Jewish Lights Publishing, Inc.
Illustrated article about my work (translated into Mandarin by Mary Ann O’Donnell), pgs. 26-29, Uncommon Spaces: Inhabiting Uncertainty,  Architectural Worlds Magazine, Vol 28 #149, 2013
“Taking on the Unexplained Phenomena Project,” in book and website, The Unexplained Phenomena
Project  by Victor Raphael and David Jordon Williams, Blurb Pub. 2012 <www.unexplainedphenomenaproject.com>
Essay for Exhibition/Catalogue, “Metaphor and Disclosure,” in A Matter of Spirit : the Art of Shirley Faktor,  Artist’s House, Jerusalem, 2010
Essay for Catalog, John Cooper-Walker Paintings and Drawings, A&I Books, Los Angeles, 2010
Essay Exhibition/Catalogue, Commonground, Huan Tie Art Museum, Beijing, China, 2008

Selected Essays about Exhibitions and Books

Victor Raphael, “Technology and The Sublime,” LA-ARTCORE QUARTERLY, 2003
Terry Winters, “Deadened Life Forms,” ARTweek, January 30, 1988
Charles Demuth, “Fading American Icons,” ARTweek, Apr 2. 1988
German Expressionism, “Brave Committed Efforts” ARTweek, Nov 12, 1988
Georgia O’Keeffe, “A Resolute Idiosyncrasy,” ARTweek June 3, 1989
Helen Frankenthaler, “Quiet Dialogues with Perception,” ARTweek, Mar 29, 1990

Selected REVIEWS

Cy Twombley, Jackson Pollock, Jean Dubuffet, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring, “Glorifying Graffiti,” ARTweek, June 7, 1990
“Sensual Beauty of Frankenthaler’s Art,” Los Angeles Jewish Journal, March 2, 1990
Jim Dine, “A Teller of Tales,” ARTweek, Mar 11, 1989
William Brice, “Stories of Time and Memory,” ARTweek, May 17, 1990
R.B.Kitaj, “First Diasporist Manifesto,” Los Angeles Jewish Journal, Jan 12, 1990

Illustrated Essays: Nashim, Journal of Jewish Women’s Studies and Gender Issues

“My Mother the Saint,” Motherhood Issue, #3 Spring 2000
“A Good Light from a Former Time,” Feminist Interpretation of Rabbinic Literature Issue, #4 Fall 2001
“The Wedding of Food and Death,” Gender, Food and Survival Issue, #5 Fall 2002
“Three Israeli Artists Respond to War,” Women, War and Peace in Jewish and Middle East Countries Issue, #6 Fall 2003
“A Life in Art,” Autobiography and Memoir Issue, #7 Spring 2004
“The Painted Word,” Multiculturalism in the World of Jewish Women Issue, #8 Fall 2004
”A Challenging Grittiness,” Jewish Women’s Spirituality Issue, #9 Spring 2005
“Spiritual Androgyny: Michael Sgan-Cohen / Carole Berman” Women’s Spirituality(2) Issue, #10 Fall 2005
“Citizen of the World,” Yeminite Jewish Women” Issue, #11 Spring 2006
“Three Women Dance with Death,” Women’s Health, Reproduction and Body Politics Issue, #12 Fall 2006
“Radical Ambivalence in the Work of Annette Klinefeld Lissaüer,” Women in the Visual Arts Issue, #14 Fall 2007 (I was also Guest Editor of this special Arts issue)
“Illuminated Pages of Ellen Frank,” Women and Books (2) Issue, #16 Fall 2008
“A Jewish Grandmother Looks at Creation,” Sexuality in Jewish Contexts Issue  #17 Spring 2009
“On Feminist Artists and Their Matrons,” (with Deborah Greniman) Jewish Women and Philanthropy Issue, #20 Fall 2010
“A Torah Scroll,” Women in the Responsa Literature Issue, # 21 Spring 2011
“The Sarah Paintings of Richard McBee,” Gender and Jewish Identity Issue, #22 Winter 2011
“A Worthy Opponent/ The Later Works of Janet Shafner and Shirley Faktor,” The Jewish Woman and Her Body Issue, #23 Fall 2012
“Carol Hamoy/ Invisible No More,” Feminist Receptions of Biblical Scholarship Issue, #24 Spring 2013
“Pious Widow, Exotic Dancer, Murderous Whore: The Photo Art of Anya Roz,”  Issue #26 Spring 2014
“Scraps, Stains, Epiphanies: the Legacy of Hannalore Baron,” Gender and the Holocaust Issue, #27, Fall, 2014