Seeking Shelter

These iterations of a house explore the notion of SHELTER.  Feeling safe / not feeling safe.  Being sheltered / being abandoned. The possibility of escape / the inability to leave.  Some have a way to look out or in. Some have no door or windows, or are open to the four directions. Trees flank some of the houses while some are on an arid landscape. All these ideas, and more, inhabit my houses.  An illustrated essay exploring my long time fascination with “house” images, was translated into Mandarin (Mary Ann O’Donnell) and published in Architectural World Magazine, (Shenzhen) April, 2013.

Childhood Playhouse, Teaneck, New Jersey

Photograph (Irving Cohen) 1948

Found house shapes, Marin County

bird houseplain pine box

Photograph, Judith Margolis 2012

No Exit House

noexit house

Gouache on handmade paper, 14″ X 10″ 1998

Bad Weather House (from On the Road)

bad weather house

All images from “On the Road,” are 11″X 8.5″ mixed-media collage, paint, oil crayon, and ink. More of those pages are featured in the Studio.

Black and White House (from On the Road)


Hunter Half Moon (from On the Road)



Multiplication House (from On the Road)



Far Away and Long Ago (from On the Road)

far away and long ago

Holy House

holy house

Mixed-media on paper, 22″X 30″

House on a Plain


House of Words


Mixed-media and collage on paper, 5″ X 7″

Russian House


Mixed-Media collage, gouache on paper,  20″ X 16.5″ Made during an Artist’s  Residency in Chelushkinscaya Russia, 1996

Underground Hands


Mixed media collage and gouache on watercolor paper, 10″ X 6.5″

Musical Fish

musical fish

Acrylic paint and collage on 100% rag Strathmore bristol, 6″ X 4.5″

Husband Wife Astonishment

husband wife astonishment

Gouache and colored pencil on Indian Village hand made paper, 6.25″ X 5″