Commissioned Work ~ Ketubot

“Exodus/Shmot” for Women of the Book


Original painting is oil on paper and linen, glicée printed onto kosher parchment for inclusion in  Women of the Book, an International Torah Midrash Project  See <>

 Commissioned Art for Intensive Care Unit


“2  Panels”  for Faraway Places, a project that placed original art made specifically for the Intensive Care Units of Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital  in Jerusalem. See  <>

“Helping Hand,”  in memory of  Murial Berman  z”l

muriel book2


Mixed media book structure, vintage brocade linen napkins, acrylic paint, ball point pen ink, vintage kidskin glove, 25″ X 25″ X 6″ closed, hand bound by  bookbinder Yehuda Mikclaf.

helping hand

Helping Hand/ Muriel Berman Memorial (detail)


“Tree/Sky” for Hadassah Foundation

hadassa foundation image

Gouache on Arches watercolor paper, 17″ X 23″, commissioned by and in the collection of Hadassah International, NYC 2006

“Song without Words”

Song without words

Commissioned by Angela Brice z”l, mixed media collage, paint, Collection, Tosh Brice, Jerusalem.

“Yes No Goodbye,” in memory of  David Margolis z”l


Mixed media collage,acrylic paint, oil crayon; Commissioned by and in the collection of Philip and Judy Miller, Los Angeles, 2009

 Yes No Goodbye, (detail)



 A note about Ketubot (plural)

A ketubah is a traditional  Jewish prenuptial agreement, and is considered an integral part of a traditional  Jewish marriage, outlining the rights and responsibilities of the groom, in relation to the bride. The ketubah is a significant popular form of Jewish ceremonial Art made in a wide range of designs, often representing the aesthetic styles of the era and region in which they are made.
I provide an original work of art that can be paired with the necessary contractual text (either hand written calligraphy or printed onto the art)  For one of my original personalized ketuba designs, the couple can provide scraps of personal images for inclusion into original collage (as was done with “Free Association Ketubah.)  or point to aspects of my work they like. Then  I incorporate these elements = colors, images, styles, into the commissioned ketubah painting/collage.
For your information, traditional ketubot are written in Aramaic, lingua franca of Jews at the time ketubot became standardized.  Many contemporary ketubot have translations into English  or an accompanying vernacular text, or original text of vows that couples write for their own contract)

Avrech Ketubah


Gouache on Arches watercolor paper, 18″ X 24″ Collection, Robert and Karen Avrech, Los Angelels, CA

Gate Ketubah (personalized reproduction available)


Gouche on Arches Paper, 18″ X 26″ Collection, Leda & Elie Rockoff, Teaneck, NJ

Jerusalem Ketubah  (personalized reproduction available)


Gouche and collage on Arches Paper, Rabbi Laurie Phillips and Howard Cohen,NYC

Vine Ketubah  (original or personalized reproduction available)

vine =ketuba

Gouche and colored pencil on Arches Paper

Free Association (LeWinter) Ketubah

lewinter ws ketuba

Collage, gouche, colored pencil and crayon on Arches Paper, Steven and Deborah LeWinter, Greensboro, NC