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Please allow me to introduce myself…

From a very early age, I noticed how things looked and learned how to draw. I went on to become a visual artist, a book designer and essayist, as well.
Feminism, Political Activism, the Visual Metaphor of Spirituality, and Creative Response to Infirmity are some of the topics that have absorbed me and provided context for my work.
With this website / archive, I invite you to view much of the work that I have created over the years.

Viewer alert concerning nudity and the concept of “Not Suitable for Work”

Since I was a teenager, I have engaged in the discipline of drawing from the nude model.
Some of my work, such as the paintings and drawings in “Daily News/ Making a Place for Peace”/PORTFOLIO was my response to the disturbing sexual and violent imagery in commercial advertisement and entertainment media.
Sometimes a nude figure, male or female, is simply necessary to complete the work, as in “How Things Grow,” and “Oh God” / SPIRITSCAPES.
However, I move among a wide spectrum of people, some of whom do not want to see nude figures or graphic content appear on their computer screen. Such imagery can be filtered by clicking the link “NSFW – Click to filter” at the top right of the page.